How to Report a Copyright or Trademark Infringement on Facebook

How to Report a Copyright or Trademark Infringement on Facebook

November 29, 2019

Facebook users have a tendency to use copyrighted videos and pictures and pass it off as their own. With the growth of the Marketplace section, trademark infringements in the form of fake products also increased rapidly.

If you do find an infringement of your brand or content, you could use Facebook’s reporting mechanism to assert your claim.

How to Report an Infringement on Facebook

Step 1

Facebook recommends that it is always better to contact the person who used your matter or products without your permission. You may be able to amicably resolve the dispute and agree upon a settlement.

Step 2

If you want to still pursue the matter and it has not yet been resolved, then you can fill out the complaint form along with the copyright claim that must be included in the report and submitted to Facebook.

Facebook has provided additional information and answered some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
FAQs pertaining to Copyright
FAQs pertaining to Trademark

Step 3

Go to the following link and choose the kind of infringement you want to report.

Go to Facebook Reporting Page


  • Copyright (for videos, images, etc.)
  • Trademark (for fake pages of your brand, counterfeit products, misrepresentation of your brand, etc.)

Step 4

After confirming the Copyright / Trademark issue, a page will open up, requesting to report content that you believe infringes your Copyright/Trademark.

Step 5

After selecting an option from the above-mentioned issues, confirm that you want to continue with the Copyright / Trademark report. At this stage, provide your (you, your organization, your client or in case report for someone else) contact information.

Step 6

– After submitting the contact details, post the content you want to report. You can also provide direct links to the content to be reported.

– It is vital that you also provide your content/product information that you believe is being infringed or copied.

– Along with this, it is essential that you give confirmation of this complaint by signing a declaration statement.


In a similar way, fill in the following form to report counterfeit products on Facebook. You will have to provide Trademark details to Facebook. So, keep them ready while filling in the form.


Once you have submitted the report, Facebook will send an automated response containing the details of your report, including the complaint number that is generated. Facebook will decide the case based on the merits provided through the form and may take down the infringing content. The infringing party may also reach out to you and try to solve this matter amicably.

For additional information, you can reach out to Facebook at If you have come to a resolution with the infringing party directly, you can also contact them with your complaint number.

  1. Bryan Tolledo
    January 31, 2020

    Thanks for posting this. We just reported someone for copying our content on FB. Can you add takedown instructions for VK (VKontakte) as well?

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  2. Rabea Ameur
    July 28, 2020

    For reporting a copyright infingement on instagram, facebook, or youtube you need first to search for the official page to report the infringement. All platforms have a page like this.

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  3. Jenna Farley
    November 12, 2020

    It always good to check with the photographer beforehand in case a pic is subject to copyright. We learnt this the hard way when the image we had used in my app's login screen turned out to be some photographer's copyrighted photo. Our app developer might have picked it up from google image search and we never checked.

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