Adding IP Assets in your IPHawk Dashboard

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Adding IP Assets in your IPHawk Dashboard

May 30, 2019

IP Assets need to be set up properly within your IPHawk Dashboard, for effective monitoring and infringement scoring.

To add an IP Asset, navigate to the “IP Assets” section on your dashboard. This brings up a table of the existing IP Assets within your account.

To the top right, you can find the button to “Add a New IP Asset.”

What is an IP Asset?

Within IPHawk terminology, an IP Asset is an intangible asset that can be protected on the platform. These can include legally protected classes of assets like registered trademarks, as well as other common assets like domain names, video clips, mobile app store listing content, etc.

Adding IP Assets

The first step is to select what type of IP Asset you will add. Different information is collected in the next steps, depending on the type of IP Asset. 

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